As our daughters grow up we notice things about today's toys that seem to all have one thing in common - they are older than the girls who play with them. What happened to wholesome goodness that was once simple dress up dolls and make believe? 

My oldest daughter loves dolls, even model-type dolls. I like them too, some of them are great and I've even blogged about them. I also love seeing dolls that bring you back that breath of fresh air. Ones that are geared toward the innocents of being a child with a deeper desire than simply beauty or fashion. 

This Christmas my daughter asked for one particular doll, Maplelea Girls. Maplelea Girls dolls are geared toward girls aged 6-12 and help teach young girls about Canada. 

Each girl comes from a different province, wears different clothes and has their own different story. These dolls are realistic looking with long flowing hair, posable limbs and crystal looking eyes that open and close. They stand 18" tall and you can purchase accessories and play sets to make your little girls set complete. 

We were sent over the Leonie doll to review along with a new clothing set horse riding outfit,"Poppy Pensees" for her. Each outfit comes with a journal page, a blank journal page and a Maplelea Girl hanger. While outfits can range in price depending what you choose, this particular one goes for $34. The quality of the outfits is realistic unlike typical "doll clothes". 

Leonie is from Quebec city, the capital of its province and one of the prettiest cities in Quebec! Leonie always likes to look her best and always co-ordinates her outfits! She comes wearing a detailed soft knit top, a printed/embroidered fabric skirt and dressy red boots. Her long hair is honey brown and eyes are hazel. 

She also comes with a 64 page story journal that expands to include the extra journal pages that comes with each extra outfit, all the journals are bilingual and include questions, blanks and prompts for your child to tell their story too. 

Leonie and all her accessories come in a beautiful, handy and sturdy keepsake storage box to keep everything safe and in one place! 

What I like about these dolls first and foremost is that they are Canadian and they are collectible. There are so few dolls that represent the heritage of our country, its nice to see MapleLea Girls leading the way and teaching a young generation about their country through imaginative play.

The detail put into these dolls is incredible from the long flowing hair to glassy eyes and long eye lashes. The girls all have a sweet and innocent face. They are very wholesome and the outfits are beautiful. These dolls are great because they are something for play but also something they can collect. They make wonderful gifts for that doll collector in your family.

There are six Maplelea Girls including Leonie to choose from or you can customize your own with a Maplelea Friends doll for $99!  For more information about Maplelea Girls or to order your free catalogue, please visit the official website!

Posted on behalf of Maplelea Girls. Complimentary product received as a thank you for posting. Opinions and comments on this blog are always honest and those of the author. Images copyright A Motherhood Experience 2014.

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  1. Oh, how sweet! I love that we have a Canadian version of the famous American dolls - and she is just precious. I'm just getting into dolls with my almost 1 year old daughter...it's fun!

  2. When I was young I received a beautiful doll from my parents and it was one of the best gifts I ever received. This one is so pretty.

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