My kids have to be the messiest kids ever. I love them but if I had a dollar for every spill they've managed to create within their existence, I would be rich.

No matter if I use a sippy cup with a tight lid or a straw, one of them will always manage to spill it and make a big mess. One event that happens too often is the old straw and spill where the child will tip their cup despite having a straw and causing a spill mess. Juice, milk and water often meet our kitchen floor.

We have one specific cupboard for kids cups, plates and bowls. The cup shelf is full with mix and match sippy cups and lids. The kids tend to misplace or sometimes break them resulting in most of the cups ending up with no lid at all. 

SipSnap are a new way to help prevent spills and also save space in the kitchen cupboards. Designed by moms with moms and kids in mind, SipSnap are silicone covers that fit virtually any sized cup (plastic or glass) by simply stretching the SipSnap and placing it firmly on top of the cup. 

SipSnap Tot has a spout that allows littler ones to enjoy drinks in any sized cup while SipSnap Kid has a handy dandy straw hole for any sized straw for your big kid to enjoy his or her drink from any sized glass without spilling it all over. The set even comes with a nice stainless steel straw to start you off although you could use any kind you have. I have glass straws and these are perfect for them! 

These are great because they are universal and can be used with any sized cup. They can replace expensive matching kid and sippy cup sets or if you're like us, replace lost sippy cup lids! If you're travelling, they come with a travel container you can put them in. They fold up to save space in the cupboards and are dishwasher safe! 

My oldest daughter enjoys using the SipSnap Kid, she said it helps her not spill her drink plus gives her cup a colourful cover. My younger son prefered the SipSnap tot even though he is six he still makes messes like the best of them. My youngest however was a little too young for the SipSnap tot. She examines new things and when tipped or shaken, her SipSnap lid did leak a little bit. I wouldn't recommend using these as cup lids and throw it in your bag to go type lids. I could see us using these at home, at a restaurant, visiting with relatives or at bbq's etc. 

They are even handy for adults if you think about it! Besides some adults being as clumsy as kids, the Sipsnap kid could be used out on the patio to keep any little bugs from flying into your cold drink, too! 

For more information about Sipsnap and their makers Double Double, please visit the official SipSnap website! Get 25% off until December 21st by using my coupon code below! 

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Posted by AME on behalf of SipSnap/Double Double. Complimentary product received for review purposes. Opinions and comments on this blog are those of the author. 

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