Throughout life, we all go through different ages and stages that have us thinking. One thought in particular that is on anyone's mind is safety. I'm not just talking about making sure your little ones wear a helmet at the park or look both ways before crossing the street. We are always thinking of new and better ways to keep our families, our homes and our belongings safer.

Master Lock has been there to help keep things safe from offering locks for the home, garage, outdoors, travel and personal storage. We like the quality of Master Lock and knowing that locks and other security devices they offer are guaranteed to last.

Master Lock Portable Key Safe can provide you peace of mind in any situation by allowing you to safely store extra house keys, car keys etc inside and the only people who can get them are those with the combination. If someone forgets their keys and locks themselves out or someone needs to get in your house in an emergency, you can trust Master Lock. 

Master Lock SafeSpace sets your worries at ease while out and about. It's a personal safe big enough to fit important items like your smartphone (although it does not fit phones as big as the iphone 6 or 6 Plus), watch, camera, keys and other items but is small enough to store in a drawer or locker. This is great if you're going places like at the office or where you have to use a rented locker or even when you're staying at a hotel. The lock works like a standard set-your-own combination lock, you need the combo to get the contents and you know you can rely on the quality and durability of Master Lock.

TSA Accepted Luggage Lock can help you relax when you travel. This is a lock that you can set your own combination for. It allows TSA screeners to inspect luggage and relock without damaging you lock or luggage.

To help keep people safe through whatever and wherever life brings them, Master Lock is kicking off a special initiative that you can participate in! 

From January 19th through January 31st tweet @MasterLockUS answering the question "When in your life has safety been most top of mind" with hashtag #MasterLockProtects and Master Lock will donate $1 to American Red Cross and you have an entry for sweepstakes prizes!

From your home and beyond, #MasterLockProtects!

For more information on Master Lock products and mentioned contest please visit the official website! You can also catch the latest updates on their Facebook and Twitter pages! 

Posted by AME on behalf of Master Lock. Complimentary product received for review purposes. Opinions and comments on this blog are those of the author

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