Taking selfies has become a big trend with smart phones leading the way allowing people to take pictures of what they are doing, who they are with and where they are - posting to social media anytime, anywhere. 

The problem with the selfie is that most of them are up-close shots and it can be awkward to get the distance you need for a good picture. Phones can go flying and pictures are ruined.

Monopods are nothing new, you can find them virtually anywhere on the Internet and I have even seen several of my blogger friends using them. Most of them require either a separate shutter or setting a timer on your phone to take a picture. For me, I wanted to find something one-handed. Something simple. 

Have you heard of the SelfieStick? It's the answer to all selfie wishes! It's a bluetooth monopod with the shutter button right on the stick, making taking selfies a breeze. 

The SelfieStick is the photo enthusiasts best friend and can easily be packed in your bag for travel. The SelfieStick is 9.5" long when compact, 40.75" fully extended and weighs less than 1lb. You can choose between pink or black for colours. I like my black one so hubby can use it too if he wants. 

SelfieStick comes fully charged right out of the box and you can get up to 500 pictures with one charge. It's easy to charge by using the included usb cable and your smartphone power block. It only takes an hour to charge and you're good to go again.

To attach your phone to the SelfieStick you just pull the bracket away from the stick, place your phone and gently release the bracket. If you have your phone in a case like a shock case or gel skin type case it should fit fine without having to take it off which is great because nobody likes a case-less phone.

If you've paired bluetooth devices to your phone before then you know how to pair up SelfieStick. Turn on your phones bluetooth, turn on the SelfieStick (button is at the bottom of  the handle) and you'll see a blue indicator light which will tell you it's connected. 

Adjust the SelfieStick how close or far you want the arm to reach and click the shutter button to take your picture. The further you go, the more background or people you can get in your photo which I find really handy. 

Overall I am really enjoying the SelfieStick, I can see it becoming one of my favourite gadgets. It not only allows you to capture a wider background but also stability when holding and the shutter button is instant response. It's not only great for selfies but also videos, too. I would definitely recommend the SelfieStick to smartphone photography enthusiasts and my fellow bloggers! 

Pictures taken with selfiestick extended (top) and not extended (bottom)

You can get your own SelfieStick right through their website! Show some love and follow SelfieStick on Facebook and Twitter

Posted by AME on behalf of SelfieStick. Complimentary product received for review purposes. Comments and opinions on this blog are those of the author. 

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  1. Always wondered how useful these were , then last week we were asked to email a picture of our family reading together for my daughters sk class and let me tell you Id wished I had one at that very moment lol

    1. Once none of my family members are sick with something I do plan to do a family pic with the SelfieStick! It sure is a handy device if you take a lot of pics!


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