Toddlers are funny little beings and can go from happy and laughing to a major tantrum in seconds and over the slightest things. 

Meltdowns are a plenty in our house since our youngest hit the road to toddler town. Now that she's officially two, she lets the world know how she feels! 

We know when these tantrums are caused by being hungry, tired or needing a change etc but sometimes they are just random. 

Some of the top things that upset my toddler recently are:

- Her brother put Mickey Mouse in her bed.

- The squirrel took the present from Toopy on TV. 

- Mommy cut her toast in half. 

- Daddy ate a bite of her yogurt. 

- She threw all her Cheerios on the floor and had no more. 

- Her brother touched her toys, she wasn't even playing with them. 

- She did not want to take off her diaper for bath time. 

- She did not want to put on her clean diaper after bath time. 

- We didn't let her climb or stand on the couch. 

- She had to sit down to eat her meal. 

- The dog licked her. 

- Grandma hung her jacket in the closet next to hers. 

These are just the tip of the ice burg. I didn't mention the totally random laughing she does...

What are some funny things a toddler in your life has said or done? Share in the comments below! 

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  1. one of the funniest things my kids have done in the past, take a bite of their food and then have a fit because it wasn't "whole" anymore....or Mr. K had a fit a few weeks ago because I cut his waffle into little pieces (as I ALWAYS do) and he wanted it in only 4 pieces.....

    1. It's such a funny age! Two is just the beginning. Today she was upset because she couldn't have daddy's pen! Ha!

  2. Oh, my goodness! SO many funny things that I have a hard time listing them! This post made me laugh :) I recall all too well some of those things! To be honest, toddler-hood was EASY for us. For us, it was TERRIFIC TWOS, but frightful fours! For some reason, four was a challenge. At four, Little One was asserting herself quite vocally and adamantly! It was more like the fact that SHE wanted to do things without assistance, and when she didn't want to do things, she'd let us know about it! Ahhh...toddler-hood! I kinda miss it now that she's six!

  3. Our son wasn't much of a fit thrower until about 3-4. I got a break until miss m turned 1.5! There are moments you wish they had a mute button but sometimes it's just too funny! Lol

  4. My toddler only has fits in the middle of the night these days, tantrums are supplied by our six year old! My 15 month old has just started expanding her animal noise repertoire so we regularly get interludes of barking and growling, not to mention quacking during dinner! Lots of fun at this stage.


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