It was announced that the province of Ontario would roll out a new sex ed curriculum for elementary school students starting in September. This topic actually fits in with my recent post about talking to your tween. 

News articles that highlight some of the topics that will be taught per grade might make you cringe but it may not be such a bad thing. 

For those who are utterly against it, I understand. I have young kids myself. I'm neither here nor there on the subject but something happened recently that really made me want to learn more about this new approach to educating our kids. 

Several weeks ago we dealt with a situation that involved my daughter, a couple of other girls and personal space. For privacy purposes, I won't get into the details but I'm not talking minor stuff. 

The kids involved were not educated about personal space, about how other people's bodies are not theirs to touch and that those type of acts are not a joke. Had they "known better" would they have done it? They knew about the acts they were committing but had no idea about them at the same time. That's scary. My daughter wasn't harmed because she knew how to say NO when she felt even the slightest bit threatened or uncomfortable in a situation. 

My daughter is educated by means of open-ended conversation. We have never hidden anything from her and have always had talks about different subjects as the questions came in, according to what her young mind could handle. We do/plan to do the same with her younger brother and sister. I am happy she knew enough to get help and tell an adult about what happened.

My point is not all families are the same, not all families have these talks and not all kids are as educated as others on the subject. For those parents who have it covered, excellent! That is what we need to be, the primary guidance in our children's lives, the ones they turn to with the hard questions we try our best to answer for them. 

Not all parents are the same. Some may be uncomfortable having those kinds of chats, I don't know. I'm not here to judge any other parent, I have no time for that. I'm just saying the parenting world is a very diverse one and this could be a step in making the future a safer place. 

Times have obviously changed. There are more issues than when we were our kids ages. There was no cell phones and no texting. There was no Internet and these days, you know as well as I do how much access young kids have. Not all young kids, maybe not even yours but enough to need to give this class a serious upgrade into the new age.

Having the option to have it taught in school would be a better approach though. Everyone has their own reasons for the decisions they make for their families and that should be respected. If you feel more comfortable having your child learn it in school, great. If not, you should have the option to opt out in my opinion. 

Are you for these new changes? Against? Have your say in the comments! 

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  1. I must first tip my hat to your daughter for knowing what to do if she felt she was in a situation she was not comfortable in. This is an importation thing kids should know how to do for themselves to keep themselves safe and to be able to speak up for themselves.

    As for the new curriculum, I don't mind what will be taught to my younger kids when they get to those stages in school because we are also open with our kids about these topics. I also agree that, if some parents do not agree with what is going to be taught in school, that they should be able to take their children out of this part of the class. All families do not work in the same ways, so they should be able to have a say in what their children are (or are not) taught where this topic is concerned.

    1. Thanks so much for your input Lian! Respect all around is key to making things work for everyone.

  2. I'm so glad that your daughter had the knowledge and the confidence to speak up when needed. I am SO sorry that she went through something like that.

    As for the curriculum - I am all for it. I don't envy the teachers having to teach it, but I think that the more trusted adults that our children can learn about these things from the better. It is better than leaving them to their own devices, which these days could mean online and lead them to places that we REALLY don't feel comfortable with.

    While some families have different belief structures and I completely respect that, all of the topics in the curriculum are a reality that our children will be exposed to eventually whether directly or indirectly and education is power! What I do think is that for people who are very uncomfortable with the changes, they should approach the teacher/school with their concerns so that they can educate themselves on what exactly will be taught to their child. Then, they can have follow up discussions at home to take the content and ensure that their children understand where their family beliefs stand OR to answer any questions their children may have. I hope this makes sense? This comment is meant in the most respect for everyone involved including someone's right to disagree with me.

    1. This is a judge free zone and you are entitled to your say like everyone else, no apologizing! Thank you so much for your point of view! People fear the unknown and the only way to find out and is to ask! :-)

  3. As a parent of three and someone who was a volunteer sexual health educator in schools for ten years I totally support the updates to the curriculum. It was dated and not responding to the needs of the students. The information contained within the curriculum id evidence-based. The educators will teach the facts and we as parents can overlay those facts with our respective values.

    I thought I'd mention for those who aren't aware that the updated curriculum also includes parent guides and resources. I'd include a link here to the Ministry of Education site, but it seems that the site is currently down for maintenance. Those guides will help parents to know what is being taught in each grade and respond accordingly.


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