We are just a few days away from a whole day dedicated to "I Love You's" and heart shaped boxes filled with chocolates. It's almost Valentine's Day!

There will be no babysitter to watch the kids or night out with hubby but Valentine's Day is different now that we are a family. We celebrate almost everything as a family, even if it's just Valentine's Day. Besides like I've said before, once the kids are in bed we can still have our date night. 

To the kids, it is a day to celebrate love. They want to give out Valentine's just as much as we want to treat them with Valentine's Day goodies. The most important thing to me of course is the memories we will give them. 

I want to make Valentine's Day extra special this year, maybe with some fun heart shaped pancakes to start the day. If the weather is nice I would like to get outside and enjoy it as a family. Go for a family walk or play in the snow and just have plain fun. Maybe afterward we can come in and enjoy a hot chocolate with a Kinder Surprise and watch a good family movie!

Did you see the awesome Valentine's Day themed Kinder eggs in store? Transformers and Fairy themed, these are sure to be a hit with little ones on Saturday! They come in packs of four Kinder Trains or you can get cute Kinder heart shaped boxes with kittens and puppies on them containing 2 Kinder eggs.

Also, if you like the Kinder Canada Facebook page you may have noticed #KinderPlayWednesday where you can expect to see fun games and tips for parents to have fun with their kids! If you have instagram, use the hashtag and tag @KinderCanada our pictures could be regrammed by Kinder! 

Have a Valentine's Day (and everyday) full of #KinderSmiles

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