The snow is still coming down in piles as we reach the near end of February and already we are thinking about summer time. Thinking in particular about things the kids could do this summer, namely summer camp for our oldest Miss K. 

I attended summer camp when I was growing up, I think I spent about 3 or 4 summers there. I enjoyed it more or less, I remember having a good time and making some good friends. That's the important part, our daughter learning about herself and making friends this summer. 

The first thing we did was ask our daughter. Why? Because she is the one who will be spending time away from the family, on her own for twelve days and we want to make sure she is ready. Last year she was hesitant when we asked her if she would be able to handle herself away from mom and dad for that long a time. She was not ready to leave the nest just yet, it all depends on the child like everything else. 

This year is different, she was asking about it before we even had a chance to ask her. She must get that "planning ahead" thing from her mama. 

There are so many different camps to choose from, depending where you live. Some summer camps can be expensive but if you contact your local community you might be able to find out where you can get and if you are eligible for subsidized camp prices for your kids. 

We have had our eye on a specific camp for a while now, mostly because of location but also because we have heard really good things about it plus it suits our family and child's needs which is important. 

So, why talk about this so early? Because most camps have long lists of children who want to attend and spaces are always limited. Since we already had camp in mind since the year before last, I emailed the camp and requested a sign up form. 

It took a couple of weeks for a reply but our sign up forms should be in the mail any time and we can start the process of filling them out and getting our girl registered for her first summer at camp! 

Wish us luck, I'll need to keep myself together this coming July when she actually leaves for her adventure! Have your kids been to summer camp? 

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