We met when you were 28, I was 23. Can you believe it's been 12 years? You have changed throughout the years, as have I but not how you may think. You have grown from the young man I knew to the mature father and husband I now love. 

Happy 40th birthday, my love. We may not have a fancy car or a big house but there are things you have given me which nobody else could ever and that is our three beautiful children plus a lifetime of love and commitment. 

God gave the world a great person when you were born, we have your parents to thank for raising you. I am happy to be here to celebrate this milestone with you, look back on the memories and can't wait to share the next 10 years with you to celebrate the next. 

Wishing you all the happiness and love you deserve on your 40th...now go eat some cake!

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  1. Happy Happy Birthday! Beautifully said :)

  2. Happy 40th Birthday!! sounds like you've got one great man!!


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