We have been talking about redoing our kids rooms for quite some time. Hubby has visions of what he would like to do with them, themed in the kids current interests and favourites. Our son chose a superhero themed room. He loves everything super hero. 

My mom paints, she has done so my entire life on and off and it makes me so happy to share with you, the paintings she created for our sons room! 

You can get posters, wall stickers and all kinds of fun decals in stores but they can get expensive (plus the last time we did decals they didn't stay on the wall very long) and paintings like this aren't something you see every day. They are something our son can enjoy for his entire life, a keepsake from his grandmother and he loves them! 

Posted by AME. Paintings by P.O. with permission to share. Comments and opinions on this blog are those of the author. 

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