We had a very early and full day ahead of us yesterday! As you know, we were invited to attend this years National We Day at the Canadian Tire Centre on April 1st as guests of Telus! This was our third We Day celebration but this time was even more special because not only is it National We Day but also the 50th We Day celebration! That is amazing!

It seemed much bigger this time, that is wonderful. I still remember our first We Day being held in a much smaller venue. It has grown so much in so many ways since then. It's nice to see so many young people getting involved in making changes in the world we know. 

The speakers each brought their own magic to the stage. Some brought stories of bravery, stories of battles fought and lessons taught. Topics ranged from fighting poverty, hunger, bullying and acts of kindness that can help change it. Each speaker had one thing in common, the story behind them inspired them to turn it around and turn the bad into something good. 

The performers were amazing, the whole place was buzzing with electric energy. Neverest, Kardinal Offishall, and JRDN were among those to entertain the big ocean of youth in the audience, while the crowd pumpers and volunteers did a great job keeping everyone jumping between sets.

Although we missed the meet and greet red carpet like last year, we did get to see Craig Kielburger when he came to visit us in the Telus suite and we also got a photo with Kardinal Offishall which was fun. Everyone who is involved with We Day is genuine and down to earth. It's very easy to see why this movement has been such a success with such greatness involved in so many ways. 

I am a true believer of teaching by example and to have my oldest daughter at the event with me was fantastic. Not only did I get to show her behind the scenes of what a blogger does but she really absorbs the message of We Day & Me to We. 

When we got home from the event, she immediately started going through her We Day note book that was in the gift bags we received. She started writing down new ideas of how her school Me to We group can become even more involved and earn their way to National We Day next year. It makes me so proud to have a daughter so determined to do good for others.

Don't forget to use your mobile device for good and take a challenge with the #we365 app. It's free, all you have to do is sign up and donate a bit of time to do the challenges. A small gesture can make a big difference. 

Thank you once again to Telus for having us as guests for National We Day! 

*Posted on behalf of Telus. Media access to National We Day was obtained however I am under no obligation. Opinions and comments on this blog are those of the author. Photos by AME.

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