Bullying is no joke. We see it in the workplace, in our schools, neighbourhoods and on our streets. It's hit close to home with our own kids being harassed daily by certain kids at school. Not wanting to go to school because they feared the worst.  Having the same story day in and day out with nobody working together to try and stop it. I was bullied by peers at one point or another in life. It's not a joke to be nasty to someone because it makes you feel powerful. Luckily in our case, it has stopped but it doesn't always. You know, you've heard the tragic news stories. It's becoming too much, it's always been too much. People need to work together and help put a stop to this unfortunate problem. 

I'm proud to support RioCan, Canada’s largest real estate company who are taking a stand against bullying with the launch of the Red Dot Safe Spot campaign, in partnership with Leave Out Violence (LOVE), a North American non-profit organization, that has over 20 years of experience helping youth challenged by violence become leaders of violence prevention, by declaring all of its properties across Canada ‘bully-free’ zones. 

To officially launch the Red Dot Safe Spot campaign, RioCan is hosting three events – at Lawrence Square April 9th 3:30pm, Yonge Eglinton Centre April 18th 2pm, and Georgian Mall in Barrie April 25th 2pm.

They are bringing together a panel of speakers including psychologist Sara Dimerman, some of the cast of Degrassi and LOVE, and will be putting the spotlight on bullying and discussing ways to eradicate this debilitating social issue. 

Attend the events and support this initiative to help more neighbourhoods become no-bully zones. For more information about this please visit www.reddotsafespot.ca 

Out of the area like me and can't attend the events? Show your support by joining the #RedDotSafeSpot Twitter party Wednesday April 15th at 7pm EST! No RSVP! Hosts will be @Degrassi @Ont_Love @HelpMeSara and @ShesConnected

Let's make the world a no-bully zone, one safe spot at a time! 

*Posted by AME on behalf of RioCan. Compensation was received however opinions and comments on this subject are honest and my own*

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