I love Springtime, I really do. I enjoy being able to shed the winter gear and enjoy the sunshine. What I don't enjoy is seasonal allergies that come along with the newness of spring. All those budding trees and flourishing flowers are beautiful to look at, if I can see them through the mist that are my watery eyes accompanied by runny noses plus sneezing to top it all off.

A couple of weeks ago the weather was absolutely gorgeous so hubby and I headed out just for simple errands with our youngest kid. I was glad I remembered to bring some tissues in my pocket because I definitely needed them. The walk we took seemed to have taken me longer than it should have because I kept having to stop to wipe my eyes and blow my nose. Annoying. It's like an instant cold as soon as you walk outside and something in the air catches you the wrong way. I was tested for allergies years ago and found out that airborne particles such as dust, grass, pollen and what have you are all causes for my symptoms. 

They aren't dangerous except when my eyes mist up and I can't see where I'm going, but they are really annoying. I avoid makeup unless its waterproof or wear sunglasses on the bad days, just saying. They do have over the counter allergy medication but most of them haven't agreed with me in the past so I just gave up. 

Orange Naturals Seasonal Allergies formula provides support relief from those seasonal allergy symptoms such as itchy eyes and nose, runny eyes and nose, inflammation in your throat and difficulty breathing. It's not nice to have to avoid the beauty of springtime now there's a homeopathic formula to help me get outside and play again!

The benefits of Orange Naturals Seasonal Allergies make you wonder why you didn't think of it sooner. It reduces congestion and runny nose, relieves itchy eyes, relieves fatigue due to allergies and eases discomfort of sore throats and eases breathing. This remedy is all-natural, non-drowsy, gluten and soy free and has no artificial flavours. If its the kids who have the allergy symptoms you're in luck because they also make Orange Naturals Seasonal Allergies KIDS!

Orange Naturals has been to my rescue before from colds & flu's to stress relief and everything in between, it doesn't surprise me they also have something for those pesky allergies! 
Another great product Orange Naturals has to offer is vitamin D drops! As you all know the sun is a great way for your body to get vitamin D but during the cooler months or when the sun isn't exactly shining, the kids might need an extra boost! You can turn to D3 drops for kids by Orange Naturals. One drop gives your little one's daily dose of D!

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  1. DS7 and I both suffer from awful seasonal allergies! Like you our eyes water, we sneeze constantly and the mucus is uncontrollable!! We have been pumping these in preparation for the snow to stop!! Fingers crossed, it seems to be helping!


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