It's hard to believe we are already in the month of April, the first official month of the spring season. Even though the weather is less than spring-like lately, we all know it's well on it's way. Before we know it the trees will start to bud and flowers will begin to bloom. Everything always feels great when the sun is out and shining. 

It's the season that has us shedding our winter clothes and letting the sun beam down on our faces. It's the season we like to get out more with the kids and celebrate the beautiful weather playing at the park or just simply going out for family walks. 

One spring time tradition we have is of course celebrating Easter, happening this weekend. We always try to include Kinder in some way whether it be original Kinder eggs (this year with bigger toys!), Kinder Mix plush or my favourite Kinder mini eggs. There is just something about those chocolate treats with the toy inside that bring the kid out in all of us. The weather makes the yard look yucky but Kinder to the rescue with Kinder Surprise egg hunt kits. They make for EGGciting indoor egg hunts your little ones for Easter! 

There are so many ways Kinder helps us celebrate spring besides Easter too, like being silly with our kids on National Moment of Laughter Day (April 14th) while attempting to put together Kinder Surprise toys! That's just one fun idea but you really don't need a special day to celebrate what makes you smile! You can make that happen every day. 

Do you like playing games? There are daily games on the Kinder Canada Facebook page starting the week of April 6th to celebrate the Kinder Week Of Play! You have the chance to win a prize every day! That's got to make you smile!

Posted on behalf of Kinder in participation with the #Kindermom program. Compensation for participation however opinions and comments on this blog are my own. 

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