Going to the spa is a great chance to take advantage of total reflection and relaxation. We all could use the special treatment from time to time. 

We did not go to this spa personally (although it looks and sounds amazing!) but we did have a guest blogger, Samantha Ball from I Tell Stories Samanthaball.ca and a guest go on our behalf! Here are her thoughts about the whole experience!

I consider Perth to be my “second home” – my grandmother’s family can trace roots to the area’s early years, my husband’s family all live in Perth and I spend a lot of time here. I even got married in Perth. I stayed the night before my wedding at the lovely Drummond House, exchanged wedding vows in Stewart Park, had my reception at the unique Crystal Palace, and my wedding night at the gorgeous Perth Manor. Oh, yeah, and I am a regular at the memorable Perth Kilt Run in the summers.

I thought I knew this town inside and out but there’s always a new gem to discover.
Tay River AQUA is a new outdoor Nordic-style Spa Experience in my favourite pretty little town. You can choose either a full day or evening experience. The features include in-ground hot tubs, outdoor shower, dry sauna, outdoor fireplace, a variety of indoor and outdoor relaxation areas, outdoor trails, access to the fitness centre, and a fully licensed lounge for dining. For those that would like to eat here, they are in good hands. Tay River AQUA’s Executive Chef, Kevin van Berkel has over 30 years’ experience in the food industry.
Though Tay River AQUA is new, its origins aren’t. It is an expansion of Tay River Reflections Medical Spa which first opened as a small spa in 1999 in a Perth strip mall. A physiotherapy clinic was added to the services available in 2000 and in 2001, their Fitness Centre, T’n’T, was created. In June 2005, Tay River Reflections found a new home in a renovated horse stable – with many  of its original architectural features such as high ceilings and beams maintained and integrated into the new look.
Founder and Medical Director, Dr. Manuela Joannou, is very hard-working. Outside of this venture, you can also find her working in the emergency room and at her family practice in Perth.
The inspiration to expand Tay River Reflections and open AQUA came when it was realized that though the spa was thriving, it mainly catered to local folks. The opportunity was there to provide a destination experience that would attract those from outside the area as well. It is the only outdoor hot tub facility in the region. 
AQUA offers not only a place for corporate retreats, parties, birthdays, and relaxing getaways, it is also an interesting new option for those planning a wedding in Perth!
Founder & Medical Director, Dr. Manuela Joannou
Dr. Joannu is very passionate about helping others through not only helping people improve their health and relaxation, but also through helping entrepreneurs and those looking for inspiration to meet their goals.
An interesting upcoming event April 28 and May 27 at AQUA is “Mastermind Reflections at Tay River AQUA” where “entrepreneurs, dreamers and those looking for new strategies” can have an inspirational brainstorming day where they “share ideas with other interesting people while relaxing in a hot tub or sauna, mingling in one of the lounge areas, or while walking on a beautiful trail along the river.” Sounds like a great opportunity!
My Experience at AQUA
Leading up to the Tay River AQUA Bloggers Event on Friday March 27, I was brimming with excitement. I have a three year old daughter, Mary, so any evenings or days dedicated to relaxation are numbered, to say the least.
When I arrived, I was greeted at the front desk by cheerful staff and made my way upstairs to the lounge area, which is beautifully decorated with views of nature as far as the eye can see.
Friendly staff at Tay River AQUA
There, I met the founder, Dr. Manuela Joannou, who is lovely and very committed to making the facility the best that it can be. I chatted with her about her desire to make Tay River AQUA a destination for people like me from out of town. She’s very forward thinking and even has plans to build cabins on the property so guests can stay overnight if they wish. I think this would be a great value-add to the experience!
After talking with Dr. Joannou, I was taken on a personal tour of not only AQUA, but also T’n’T, their fitness centre with a variety of equipment and an indoor track, the physiotherapy area, and the medical spa itself, where services range from typical spa offerings such as pedicures to more specialized medical esthetics such as leg vein therapy. These services are available on their own, or can complement the AQUA experience.
I was very impressed with the facility as a whole and the variety of services available to renew and refresh.
Friendly Tay River AQUA Staff
After my tour, I was more than ready to change into my robe and start partaking in what was available at AQUA. I spent time in the sauna, chatting with other bloggers. My date, my friend Sarah from Ottawa, arrived while I was in the sauna, and joined us for some nice conversation.
Sarah was coming from downtown Ottawa, and had an errand to do after work. Even though she was driving from downtown and leaving later than planned, she still made it to AQUA in plenty of time to enjoy a few hours of relaxation on a Friday evening. AQUA is very accessible to those from outside of Perth.
After the sauna, Sarah and I went to the heated gazebo to have a drink and chat. We hadn’t seen each other in a month or so, so this was a great opportunity to catch up. We then moved on to the hot tubs for the remainder of our evening.
The experience was especially heightened by the fact that when I arrived, the sun was setting, and snow was swirling around. The combination of hot and cold was wonderful. The location is very private and quiet, which is great for those who don’t want to drive too far, but want to get away from the hustle and bustle of a city.
We went back inside to the upstairs lounge area, and I had some of the hors d’oeuvres prepared by the chef for our event – delicious!
Sarah and I left just after 10 pm and she was back home in downtown Ottawa in about an hour. I was lucky enough to just have a 5 minute drive to my in-laws.
Sarah and I are both looking forward to coming back again and I have already been telling friends about this great destination option.

I highly recommend the Tay River AQUA experience!

Thank you Samantha, for sharing your experience with us! You can follow Samantha on Twitter @I_Tell_Stories

Guest post published by AME. Complimentary media pass provided to guest poster. Comments and opinions are those of the author. 

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  1. It was great to meet you there Samantha - great write up :)

  2. So excited to experience the magic of Tay River AQUA.

    Besos, Sarah
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