Being a mom isn't always rainbows and unicorns. There can be times we may feel like we are doing it all wrong, that the entire world rests on our shoulders. They say sometimes it takes a village to raise a child - it just takes one person to raise up mom and help her when she needs it most. 

"The Motherhood" is an amazing group of people who help mom raise her family, which we know sometimes can be hard work. Campbell's wants to recognize these people who help mom and welcome them into #TheMotherhood.

Campbell's wants to know: Who helps you mom? When you need an extra hand, when you're exhausted beyond recognition, when you just feel like giving up, there is someone there to keep you going and this mothers day we thank them. 

Emily is someone special in her family, she helps her sister raise her family. Even though she has no kids of her own, she goes above and beyond for her sister and her family. Check out Campbell's sweet and sentimental video just to thank her!

Hubby and I share the responsibility of raising our three kids together but I do have someone else to welcome to #TheMotherhood. My mom for one, is always there for me and my family. 

She will do what she can in her power to help us raise our children right, all with love. Even if she hasn't seen us in a while and comes for a visit, she's helping us with our everyday. Doing things like wiping the toddlers dirty hands to making sure our son did his homework like he was asked, just like I do. She is there as my mom, my friend and my children's grandmother. Someone else they can look up to besides mom and dad, someone else to help us help them and show them the way through life. For that I love her, appreciate her and above all, thank her.

With #TheMotherhood, Campbell's is spreading the word that moms, and those who help moms are appreciated. Join in and share your story on Twitter with @CampbellCanada and hashtag #TheMotherhood. Also, make sure to watch out for new Campbell Canada #TheMotherhood videos coming out from now until Mother's Day! 

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