Last weekend we wanted to get out with the kids after supper on saturday evening. We had a long, busy day and everyone needed to unwind. Once everyone was cleaned up after eating we packed the kids up in the truck and headed off on our way. 

Hubby always wants to take the kids to the river, this was our first visit this year. Not for swimming, for a walk and just enjoy this quiet area from the busy city. A place the kids can explore and have some fun with us right close by to keep an eye on things. Sometimes when the weather is nice, you can find ducks and other small wildlife along the path. We didn't happen to see any this time. 

The kids were amazed, for me it was the landscape. We went right as the sun was about to start setting so I got some great pictures of the sky. The sun hiding snugly behind some big fluffy clouds. The kids had fun climbing and running, the freedom and enjoying just being out and being kids. The picked flowers, they talked and they laughed. 

The path wasn't busy either, just a few people with bikes and the odd one with a dog. We walked for a good 20 minutes and then turned around to go down closer to the water. The kids were amazed at the size of the river, I could imagine the first time they see an ocean! Of course being on a riverbed comes the urge to flip stones into the water and flip they did. 

The best part is that they were having fun with nothing! We didn't have any toys with us, we didn't have any electronics (except my phone which I used to take pictures and capture the moment), all we had was each others company, it was nice. It doesn't take much and it can make for some great moments in their childhoods. 

We can expect more grande adventures as the weather gets nicer! Do you like to get out in your city? Are there any fun local spots you enjoy? Share in the comments below! :) 

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