It's hard to believe we are half way through June! Everything is winding down as far as school is concerned. I think we are all ready for some summer fun and the daily lunch-for-tomorrow making to be over with for another year!

This summer we have a few fun things with the kids planned like day trips and BBQ's. One thing for sure I know we are going to do more than once is take the kids out for a family picnic. We make it pretty simple by packing a lunch, snacks, drinks and what have you in a cooler bag to go along with a towel or large blanket to sit on. We choose a place to settle down and let the kids enjoy it. Usually at a park or on the sidelines of the splash pad where there are picnic tables. It would be nice to maybe take Dad out for a Father's Day picnic and have the kids help out in packing a special lunch for him! 

One thing we could also pack into our basket (besides a healthy lunch) is Kinder Surprise! They can be fragile so if you are worried about cracking the egg before your kids get the chance, you can store them in a lemon keeper or if you don't have one of those why not a microwave egg cooker! They are made in the shape of eggs after all! 

If you feel like being crafty, you can save some egg cartons and have the kids decorate them. When you go out and want to bring some #Kindersmiles, store the eggs in the egg carton. You can always cut them to hold 2, 4 or 6 eggs. 

Speaking of Kinder Surprise, have you seen the minion craze over on the Kinder Canada Facebook page? You can check out their official photos and see which toys are available in specially marked Kinder Surprise! There are 11 to collect! 

On June 12th, don't forget to join us for an extra fun Facebook Page giveaway! Kinder Canada wants to hear all about the Dad's in your life and how you plan to celebrate Father's day! There are some fun father's day Kinder-themed gift baskets to be won so mark your calendars! 

As always you can also show some love to Kinder Canada by following @KinderCanada on Twitter and use hashtag #Kindersmiles to see what the other #KinderMoms and #KinderDads are up to! 

Sponsored post in participation with the KinderMom ambassador program. Opinions and comments on this blog are those of the author. 

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  1. My other half loves playing with the toys that come in these Kinder Surprise eggs, and he loves eating the chocolate! I think he gets more enjoyment out of these treat than my kids do!


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