The kids are finished with school for the year and summer is officially here! This means lots of fun and lots of family trips! Whether they be day trip outings or travelling to see the grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles - we always try to be prepared with the things we need as well as a couple of things to keep the kids entertained during the ride. 

For kids of all ages it's a no-brainer to bring a device loaded with apps to keep them content for a little while. Games are fun for older kids but if you have smaller ones under the age of six, why not bring their favourite Treehouse TV friends along for the trip also? 

TreehouseGO! is an app you won't want to leave home without downloading. Available to most cable service providers, you can bring your Treehouse favourites with you and watch anywhere. 

The app is free to download and easy for little kids to use. Miss M, who is two and a half likes this app. Of course she also likes anything themed with her favourite Treehouse friends! 

In the app you can find a simple menu that scrolls across letting your child choose which character they want. Once they tap on  the character, a menu with various videos opens up. Shows include My Big Big Friend, Dora the explorer, Max and Ruby, Little Charmers, Toopy and Binoo, and many more! 

If you want to unlock the videos you can simply sign in to your Cable service provider through the app for instant access. If you aren't a cable or satellite TV subscriber you get a sample of what TreehouseGO has to offer. 

The "Live Stream" icon allows you to watch Treehouse TV live as it airs. The TreehouseGO app hosts the most up-to-date and top rated Treehouse programming to stream. The It's like having cable TV on the go except geared special just for your little one. Tap on the Dora in the top left corner to sign in. 

There's also a handy "My Backpack" that allows you to download videos and watch them even without internet access. Perfect for those rainy nights at the camper!

There are parental controls you can access with a number code provided in the app. The code changes each time you access or if little ones try to figure it out (unless they can read). You can change your settings at any time and prevent little ones from making accidental changes. Access the controls by tapping the icon on the top right corner. You can also sign in this way.

By the way, when you first sign in you might notice a screen with a cool 20% discount on tickets to Treehouse Big Day Out plus a free Splash n' Boots printable colouring page! 

The next time you take a family trip, have an appointment and are stuck waiting or any other similar situation, download the TreehouseGO app and smile. Follow Corus Entertainment on twitter

Available on Apple and Android devices. 

Sponsored post on behalf of Corus Entertainment. Opinions and comments on this blog are those of the author. 

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  1. This is so cool! I can't wait to download and surprise my little one! Isn't technology awesome :) Love it!

    1. We tested it for the first time on a trip out for errands! Littlest one was grumpy but it didn't last long with TreeHouseGO! Thanks for checking it out!

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