Things are a lot different for my kids than when I was a child. I grew up in the country, so being outside was a daily thing in the summer.  My parents never minded, they always knew where we were and who were with. Today, we live in the city and it isn't the same type of neighbourhood I grew up in. You don't have the same sense of community but that doesn't stop us. 

When we moved here, we wanted this house for a reason - it's right across the street from a park. This park has a basketball net (mostly occupied by older teens in the summer), a play structure and swings for little kids, a play structure and swings for older kids plus a huge soccer field that is only occupied some week nights and the odd saturday by organized sports. Plus, if we take a nice walk together we can easily find a splash pad or swimming pool to really have some fun with. It gets the kids out and active plus gets everybody out as a family. 

Even if we don't make it to the park or splash pad every day of the summer, we have fun right in our own backyard. The kids have a box of sporting goods like basketballs, soccer balls, baseballs, gloves, rackets, birdies, water blasters and more. We also have a trampoline which the kids can be found on jumping away most sunny days. Although my kids aren't currently on an organized kids sport team, we still strongly believe in outdoor play and keeping them active. They get enough screen time during the winter months, once the sun is out and the snow all melts, there isn't an excuse not to get out and play.

Little miss M wants to know, how you do get out and play?

Did you know that nine out of ten kids don't get enough daily exercise? It's an epidemic of inactivity and it's one that Canadian Tire is committed to changing. That's why they launched a new initiative to encourage more play on June 5th. 

Canadians are encouraged to get active and share photos or videos of how they play tagging @CanadianTire and using hashtag #WannaPlay!

So, go ahead. Ask your family if they #wannaplay! 

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