Summer time is all about letting loose and having fun. It's normal for kids to want to be outside playing with friends, riding bikes and going swimming among other activities. If you are like me and worry about your little one learning over the summer months, even preparing for school come september, you are not at a loss! 

Make summer learning fun with Hot Wheels FUNdamentals, not your average school type learning. Hot Wheels offers kids the opportunity to learn while playing with some of their favourite toys!  

Established in 2012 and designed for home or the classroom, the Hot Wheels FUNdamentals Learning Program gives children from Kindergarten to grade one the opportunity to learn basic skills, including counting, colouring language, patterns and more.

With Hot Wheels you can keep your little one on top of their learning with their very own Hot Wheels 3D Summer Activity Cityscape. With relevant content and activities online, kids can participate in programs that range from math to science, to visual arts and language.

To help carry over the great learning your little ones will achieve with FUNdamentals this summer, FUNdamentals will be incorporated into various classrooms across Canada in September. This will reach more than 150,000 teachers and kids in our country! To help ensure this program comes to your child's classroom, I encourage you to reach out to the teacher or principal of your school and ask about implementing the program with their own students! 

You can learn more about the Hot Wheels FUNdamentals program by visiting http://www.hotwheelslearning.ca/

Sign up for free and download activity books and other learning materials for your little one to use this summer!

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  1. What a cool program! I can't believe Hot Wheels are still around! I remember my brother was obsessed with them growing up and my Husband still has some!

    1. My hubby loves sports cars (he dreams of owning one but you know the whole having kids thing...lol) HotWheels are well loved in our home. When our son gets new sets you should see hubby turn into a big kid helping him set them up and talking cars with him. So great to see the bond over a toy we all grew up with! Thanks for visiting!!


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