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Being a mom isn't easy, the days can be long and the nights longer. Sometimes we feel like we know what we are doing and other times we feel lost in the fog. One thing is for certain, whatever we do we do it for our babies. There is nothing we wouldn't do to make it better for baby. From the first moments of life, soothing our newborns to kissing boo-boo's. It's those moments in life that make it #BetterForBaby.
Pampers knows how special the little moments are between a mom and her baby - ​and with the whole family. To celebrate every one of those special little moments, @Pampers wants to share this beautiful little video with you! #BetterForBaby

The video displays the beautiful bond between mother and baby, it also displays how the world helps in small ways. We will do anything for our babies and make the world #BetterForBaby. 

 You might want to have a tissue or two handy...

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