Oh Canada, our home and native land! We are proud to be Canadian and my daughter is thrilled to be able to share this Canada Day with her favourite doll, her Maplelea Doll named Leonie that she got for Christmas last year

She has befriended this doll like no other. She loves her so much that after her brother accidentally dropped the doll and marked her face, my daughter didn't want to send her to the spa to get replaced. She said it wouldn't be the same doll, Leonie and her have special memories. 

Canada Day is coming up July 1st, both my daughter and Leonie will be prepared with their new Maplelea Canada t-shirt for girls and matching Maplelea doll outfit! The outfit comes with a cute Canada shirt, a hat, red shorts and a Canadian flag! 

Have Pan Am fever? Celebrate your favourite sport with a new themed outfit for your Maplelea girl doll! Leone is sporting the volleyball themed "Serve, Set, Spike" outfit which comes with a shirt, shorts, socks, headband, knee pads and a volley ball! You can also get other outfits for sports like tennis, running, basketball, gymnastics and sailing. The outfits are adorable and excellent quality, just like the dolls themselves. 

In case you live close to Toronto or may be in the area around the time, wanted to remind you about the Maplelea meet up happening at Black Creek Pioneer Village on July 5th! You can learn more about this event on the Facebook event page! Oh if we lived in the area you could bet your buttons we would be there with Leonie in hand! 

Find out more about Maplelea Girls, accessories and the meet up by visiting the official Maplelea website! Show some love on social media and follow @MapleLeaGirls on Twitter!

Posted on behalf of Maplelea Girls. Complimentary doll accessories received as a thank you. Opinions and comments on this blog are those of the author.

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  1. Forget about my kids, I would go crazy for these dolls! We are big Canada Day fans around here, and I would love to have Leonie with us to celebrate the day in that outfit! We are also huge sports fans, and the Pan Am outfits look adorable! Awesome job Meaplelea Girls for these great outfit ideas, and to you for sharing them with us!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Lian! The clothes are just gorgeous for these dolls! K loves mixing and matching the outfits he has so far too! Have a great Canada day with your family!!

  2. I'd never heard of these - love this! - Louise

    1. They're really great dolls and the accessories/clothing is well made! Thanks for stopping by babygatesdown! ;)


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