We are already two weeks into June and I can already feel the phasing in to summer holiday mode beginning. June brings us such beauty and vibrancy of gardens and flowers. It also brings us the opportunity to celebrate the men in our lives like our spouses, our grandfathers, fathers, uncles and anyone else who is called "Dad".

Any man can be a father but it takes special ones to really be "Dad". 

He is a hard worker, he provides for his family in more ways than one. He is the one the kids turn to when mom won't let them get their way, they know his sweet-talk can sometimes change her mind. 

He is the one who stays up later than everybody else to double check that all the doors and windows are secure, making sure his family is safe while we sleep. He is the type of man who will voluntarily go to the 24 hour Loblaws at 10pm because we ran out of diapers, even if it was my fault for not mentioning it earlier. 

Besides the thoughtful cards and gifts, we give the Dad of our household Father's Day every day by taking care of him the way he takes care of us. I cook healthy meals and make sure the family is fed those groceries he just went and shopped for us. He is the type of Dad who will wake up at 3am to check on his feverish kids and take care of them while I sleep. He understands what it takes to raise a family. 

When it comes to his health, that is the only thing I wish he would take better care of honestly. He puts everything into anything he does except taking care of himself. He doesn't sleep much, he will eat well when I cook his meals but his personal choices can sometimes raise my eyebrow. Being French-Canadian he has a mad love of poutine! 

I'm happy at least I am sometimes able convince him to have a shake made with Orange Naturals ND shake for men! It gives him whatever vitamins and nutrients he may be lacking in his daily diet, I know the women's ND shake works for me! 

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