Things can accumulate quickly when you have a family. Kids outgrow just about everything from toys to clothes plus furniture and we tend to put things aside accidentally creating an unwanted and unneeded collection of things. 

Garage sales are a popular choice to easily sell items you don't need or find items you need at a fraction of the cost brand new. I honestly don't have time to set up tables and sit outside trying to sell our used things so I find myself turning to the internet. We have tried various buy and sell websites in the past always to find at least one fault in them we aren't satisfied with. I am happy to have been introduced to a new way to buy and sell online with VarageSale. 

VarageSale is a free online marketplace app that allows families to buy and sell affordable second hand items locally and connect with new people in nearby neighbourhoods. 

VarageSale is easy to set up by downloading the free app and connecting your Facebook account. You choose a password and find your community. You can head off on your own or follow a quick and easy tutorial to get your started. Within minutes you are all ready to start searching for your next treasure or posting some of your own.

I posted my first item, some toys we had put aside that the kids outgrew. I used the app to post it although you could do it through the web too. You are allowed one photo, a title and description. You can update and edit your post as you please too.

Unlike other buy and sell type websites, VarageSale is based on location. Chances of finding the perfect item only to realize its not in your city, are slim to none. On other buy and sell sites I have used posts can easily get lost in the swarm of ads people post by the minute. VarageSale allows you to give your post a free bump so it stays at the top for longer, upping your chances of having it seen by your community. You can really get to know the community too, with features like "liking", watching and even commenting on items. It's like one big virtual garage sale - VarageSale. I can't wait to see what happens next! 

Visit www.VarageSale.com  OR download the free app to sign up (for free) and see how easy it is to buy and sell local! Show some love and Like the VarageSale facebook page to stay up to date on the latest!

Post your first item using the VarageSale app and use hashtag #VSDeal in your item description and you can earn yourself a cool $10! Don't forget to tweet your first post @VarageSale and show off what you're selling!

Sponsored post on behalf of VarageSale. Opinions and comments on this blog are those of the author. 

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