The best part about summer is getting out as a family and having fun and this is the summer to do it. The kids are finally at a good age where we can all enjoy many summer activities including a day trip to a themed water park. I have not been to a themed water park in ages; this was the first time in a long time and the first time with the whole family.

Needless to say the kids were excited when we told them we were heading to Calypso Water Park located in Limoges, Ontario just outside of Ottawa. We packed the gang up with bathing suits, towels, spare clothes and anything else we thought we may have needed to bring for our day trip (including sunscreen, snacks and plenty of water!) and headed out for a day of fun in the sun. Did I mention we'd be riding some awesome water slides? 

Calypso was nothing like any of us had ever seen before. It was buzzing with people but surprisingly not as busy as we had anticipated on a hot and sunny Friday, which was great! The park just screamed "fun" from the get-go. The staff were friendly and accommodating, answering any questions we had. 
Calypso Theme Water Park 2015

 It's great to know Calypso takes safety seriously too with over 600 trained staff and a team of 120 certified lifeguards and slide attendants. If you have any questions or concerns, it’s not hard to find someone to answer them. Like any theme park, Calypso asks its attendees to please be responsible and safe while visiting. There's a nurse on-site in the case anything should happen but if you play safe, you shouldn't need to pay her a visit. 

We brought the basics in with us including a stroller for our littlest one, she tires out quite quickly. We carried our things from site to site but you can rent a locker too if you want to store any valuables while you're on the slides.

There are so many attractions at Calypso. It's beautifully put together and easy to navigate around with maps at almost every corner. There are places to get food like the Bistro Kongo and even places to get a souvenir or spray on tattoo. Plus, it's not hard to find a washroom which is very important when you're visiting with kids! 

Some of the slides were huge; it's amazing how some people have the courage to ride them! Just looking at them you can tell they aren't for the faint of heart. If you need a life jacket you can rent one on-site with ID or a $40 deposit. Some rides require children of certain height to wear one. We brought our own for our two younger kids.

There is something for everybody from little kids to kids at heart. There are over 35 state-of-the-art water slides, heated pools, two theme rivers, North America's highest water slide tower, Canada's largest wave pool, over 100 water games and more! We couldn't take it all in in one day but we did take in what I think was a good fun portion! 

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Although little guy was a bit too little for some of the bigger slides he still got the chance to go on a couple of them like Black Hole, Zoomerang and Canyon Rafting. His dad and sister are the thrill seekers of the family and they took on the big slides like nobodies business.

One of our favourite spots was the Zoo Lagoon. This is a zoo themed lagoon for little ones, basically a toddler’s water park heaven! There are slides, sprayers, climbers and so much fun. Plus the pools are heated. Our younger two had a blast in the Zoo Lagoon. Having a two and a half year old with us, we spent plenty of time there as she was too young for some of the other attractions.

When we eventually go back we are definitely making the Kongo Expedition and Lazy River two of our first stops. They seemed the most popular that day with quite the line ups.

Pirate's Aquaplay is a magnificent themed pirate ship designed for older kids with big slides, steps, climbing and more! The main attraction on this one is the giant bucket that would fill up and eventually tip over, soaking anyone standing on the decks below! Little guy was just consumed with the Pirate's Aquaplay, his favourite attraction in the park!

Jungle Challenge is an exotic course that features obstacles and surprises along the way like walking on logs, crocodiles and water lilies, while holding onto ropes and nets all while trying not to get wet! How fun is that! My two older kids tried their luck, laughing if they fell into the water.

We finished our day with burgers and fries from the cafeteria. Quick, friendly service and the burgers were great! 

Overall I can say I would definitely take my family to Calypso again! It makes a great day trip for the family. The opening hours are 10am to 5pm or on some days 10am to 7pm. You can get a day pass, or VIP pass which gives you access to the various cabanas located on-site. There is also a Splashback Pass available which means that for an additional $10 you can visit the park a second time in the 6 days following your first visit. Calypso is a good day out with time to drive back home if you are local like we are since it is located just 20 minutes from downtown Ottawa!

Enjoy your summer and make a splash at Calypso Park! For information, ticket pricing and more please visit the official Calypso Park Website! Show some love and follow @CalypsoPark on Twitter and Like the Calypso Park Facebook Page!

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