I grew up in the country, we had farms (although we did not live on a farm) and animals, forests, rivers, trails and wildlife. I can say I learned a lot about nature and life just growing up with it literally right outside my door. 

We are raising our kids in the city and they haven't seen the kind of wildlife we grew up with, at least not up close. There's a difference between seeing animals live in their environment and seeing them on TV or in books. 

This summer has been all about getting out and having fun as a family, we've been on a fun-filled day trip almost every week since school ended for the kids!

This week our summer adventures lead us to Parc Omega in beautiful Montebello, Quebec. The perfect destination to get away for something quieter, something down to earth and something back with nature. It's about an hour and a half drive from Ottawa, if you're lucky enough to avoid city traffic.

Parc Omega brings Canadian wildlife face to face with families from all over the area and beyond. Elk, Caribou, Deer, Buffalo, Wolves, Bears, Geese and other gorgeous wildlife lives at Parc Omega and we were invited to take a tour of this glorious nature park.

The car tour allows you to drive along the path following the map and directional arrows to give you an up close and personal view of nature at its finest. You can rent a caged vehicle to use but we were brave and took the truck through. These animals are so docile, we knew there wouldn't be any worry.

We fed carrots to the Elks who greeted us on our route. I admit, it had been a long time since I had seen much wildlife so close and I was a bit nervous at first but it didn't take us long to make friends! Some were quiet while others more eager. One even managed to lick me while I tried to take photos of the kids feeding the Elk in the back. It was trying to get my attention for carrots! The kids were amazed by all of the animals. It's not every day they see this!

The wolves and bears seemed to sit lazily in the sun, wouldn't we have all loved to spend our Friday afternoon that way! There were new additions to the park like Black Wolves and newborn baby wild pigs (who were along side their big mama!) and baby deer! 

We noticed the many beautiful carved native art like totem poles and statues throughout the park. There is even a beautiful play house and play park area. The boardwalk gives you a better view of some of the animals, if you can brave the heights like we did! 

There is so much more to Parc Omega than just the animals and beautiful scenery. It's got history and you can learn about it in the Trading Post while you stop to get some carrots (sold on site) and take a break for lunch with the deer. We took our break near Trout Lake and had some cute baby deer join us for our snack. There were Geese nearby and the lake was just beautiful.

We had so much fun at Parc Omega, I thought a little video would help give you a better idea if you have not been, yet. 

I would definitely recommend visiting Parc Omega this summer with your family. It's an experience with new friends you won't soon forget!

For more information and to plan your next day trip visit www.parc-omega.ca

Have you been to Parc Omega this summer? Share your memories with @Parc_Omega on Twitter or @parcomega on Instagram using hashtag #parcomega!

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  1. Beautiful photos :) It looks like a wonderful holiday!

    1. We had an amazing day!!! Go if you haven't yet, worth it!


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