I don't like white clothes and not because my family doesn't look good in them. I don't like whites because to me, they are the most difficult to wash in the laundry.

If you have kids, you know all about trying to wash white socks that went through a day on a child's foot. They become white socks with black soles. Or maybe you can relate to the time when your child spilled a cup of (enter staining beverage here) on your favourite white top.

Mustard stains, coffee stains, wine stains, blueberry stains, juice stains, mud stains, grass stains, you name it! My family probably has a stain on an article of clothing or two with a story to go with it.

We fight stains on a weekly basis during laundry days in our house. Bring in Resolve Gold in-wash stain remover and it makes getting rid of these stains a whole lot easier. With the Resolve Gold in-wash powder, you may start to see stain removal happen within 30 seconds! That’s just too good to be true so I put Resolve Gold to the laundry test!

I decided to test it on a white shirt that had quite the accident, along with my usual white laundry of t-shirts, underwear, socks etc. The directions indicate you can use Resolve Gold either by throwing a scoop or two into your laundry, pre-treating by mixing it with water as a paste, or by soaking your stained garments for maximum 5 minutes before you wash it.

I decided to try soaking since the chocolate milk that was spilled had time to dry into the shirt. I wasn't expecting Resolve to do what it did. Within seconds of putting the shirt into a basin of water mixed with half a scoop of resolve, the stain was gone. After a complete machine wash and dry, you couldn't tell that there had been anything spilled on it at all!

Resolve Gold in-wash stain remover is unlike any other stain removers I’ve used in the past. It was simple and quick, just how I like to do my laundry!

I would definitely recommend you try out Resolve Gold in-wash stain remover on your next laundry day!

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  1. I never really found the need for a stain remover until my son was born. I tried a few brands on the market and NOTHING compares to Resolve! Love Love Love it!


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