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Music has always been part of our lives, when we were little we listened to our favourite songs and sang them over, and over again. Now that we are all grown up with kids of our own we hear their favourite songs over and over again. 

Having kids of different ages means having different musical tastes but we have one rule - whatever plays during the day time has to be kid friendly. Nothing vulgar or too mature. Even though the beat might be good, the lyrics may not and our youngest daughter enjoys to sing along even if she doesn't know all of the words. 

When it comes to her musical taste, she leans toward music that is upbeat, happy and teaches a lesson without her even knowing it - Bobs & Lolo. She was first introduced to them with music videos that play on her favourite TV show. Every single time that theme song comes on my little one claps and sings along. It's so great to see her get such enjoyment out of the music they bring into our home. 

Bobs & Lolo are a Canadian musical duo dedicated to connecting kids to the natural world through music, movement and make believe. They share musical stories that engage, inspire and educate. They teach kids to care about themselves, their neighbours and their planet. 

Bobs & Lolo know how influential music can be and we are excited to tell you that they have a new album out called "Dirty Feet" with all new songs to keep your little ones (and you) moving and grooving! 

You and your little one can enjoy such songs as "Hoot and Hop", "Busy Bee" and of course "Dirty Feet" on the new album! Check out the official video for "Dirty Feet" below! Bobs & Lolo - Dirty Feet is available to purchase digitally through iTunes, at retail shops like HMV and on the Bobs & Lolo webstore

Do you have a Bobs & Lolo fan in the house? You'll be happy to know they are currently touring across North America! Click here for more information and to find out when they are coming to a city near you! 


Do you have a Bobs & Lolo fan in the house? One lucky AME reader has the chance to win Bobs & Lolo's new album "Dirty Feet" to enjoy at home! 

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  1. My son is a huge fan. We love all of their songs. I love seeing my sons face light up when their music comes on! Thanks for a fun giveaway!

  2. my step grandkids love them and all the songs, they really don't have a favourite.

  3. we LOVE Bobs & Lolo!!! my daughter will come running from another room when she hears them come on. She loves their songs and laughs with them, tries to sing along, dances...they are so entertaining. Her favorite is their smile song

  4. My son has been a Bobs and Lolo fan for 6 years now! He loves Raindrop Pop!

  5. My 5 year old loves them. The Shadow song is his favourite

  6. wmy son and i are huge fans we love chris the moose and the video is awsome my son loves that his antlers turn into a christmas tree. and i love that it gets him up and dancing

  7. My daughter loves Bobs & Lolo. Shadow Friends is a favourite song of ours. I like that there music is catching and happy.

  8. my daughter loves watching Bobs and Lolo on tv. She sings and dance. her favourite song is i'm a beat

  9. My toddler likes them , he lived them like crazy when he was a bit younger. His fave son was Smile, not sure if that is the title .Thank you

  10. My daughter is a Bobs & Lolo fan, her favourite song being Raindrop Pop. What excites me the most about them is that they are local, so we get lots of opportunities to see them at local events - it is always fun for kids to see their favourite stars in person!

  11. My kids love dancing and singing along with Bobs and Lolo. One of their favourite songs is Raindrop pop.

  12. My DD enjoys Bobs and Lolo b/c it's fun to dance to the music. We saw them in concert last year (or the year before) and she had a great time dancing in the kiddie mosh pit.


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