The past couple of months we have been learning so much about the food we eat and what to buy to create wholesome, nutritious meals and snacks for our family through the PC Stars Guiding Stars program with Loblaws!

The first month we took a look at the program itself and found out how exactly this whole star system works. It's simple; foods are graded by one, two or three blue stars according to how nutritious they are. Plus, you can earn PC Plus points on certain items in your grocery cart!

After learning more about the Guiding Stars program we had an appointment with our local Loblaws Dietitian who gave us a tour of our local store, showing us exactly what kinds of foods we should be putting into our baskets from fruits and vegetables to fish, chicken, meats, dairy and healthy snacks. It really put a lot of things into perspective and I have been trying my best to avoid going back to our old "throw it in because it's on sale" grocery routine. 

This time around we did something a little different and had the opportunity to try something new with Loblaws! 

If you're looking for cooking insight or to learn a new thing or two, you can check online and see if your local Loblaws store has cooking classes available through PC Cooking School. We participated in the "Snacks fit for a Queen" cooking class for kids which was creating a cucumber sandwich snack and strawberry shortcake for dessert. Something simple enough that younger kids can make with help and older kids can make on their own. 

Our cooking school is located on the second floor of the Loblaws, a big kitchen with a trained cook to help you learn. That is also where the in-store dietitian works to help you make the most of your healthy meals. The cook was very friendly and knowledgeable, even though it was a simple recipe she gave good tips and tricks we can use in everyday cooking. 

There are different classes for different ages and levels of experience with group or private classes available. The price ranges from $10 and up depending what class. This was a beginners class more or less but it was still fun and gave us a taste of what PC Cooking School is all about. 

We may just go back before summers end and try a different one! These classes are a really great way to learn something new and spend some time together. You can find out if there is a PC Cooking School near you and what classes are offered on the official PC Cooking School website

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