Summer has been one busy season. Between day trips and having fun in the sun, August is the month we begin to wind things down a little bit before we all prepare for the going back to school.

Just because summer is ending doesn't mean we still can't have some fun. On days when the weather hasn't cooperated, the kids can feel cooped up being stuck in the house and not able to run about outside. Some of the things we enjoy doing on these types of days are playing games together, doing a craft (like these Minions!) catching a movie on Netflix or one of my favourites - surprising the kids with a Kinder® Surprise®!

There is always such joy in their faces when I bring out these sweet surprises. They have been loving the Minions this summer - in fact, my littlest just drops her chocolate treat and jumps right into the toy surprise! With school just around the corner, I think it may call for an extra special treat in their lunches for the first day back! We are all about the #KinderSmiles!

Speaking of Kinder® Surprise®, for those of you in the Toronto area, Kinder® Canada will be at the Canadian National Exhibition again this year, but this time as the Kids' World presenting partner! This means there will be Kinder® Surprise® fun happening every day from August 21st to September 7th! The Kinder® Smile Booth will be up and running, and you can't even guess how many thousands of free Kinder® Surprise® eggs and resulting #kindersmiles they'll hand out this year! Be sure to stop by the booth and share your photos and videos on social media!

Oh yeah, if you have Instagram (which I LOVE) don't forget to follow Kinder® Canada and use hashtag #KinderSmiles when you post a Kinder related photo! They LOVE to share and regram!

Posted in participation with the Kinder Canada #KinderMom program. Incentives are received for participation however opinions and comments on this blog are those of the author.

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