When it comes to entertainment, we used to have cable. Specialty channels which aired our favourite shows once a week. For a while it felt like a good idea but as time went on our lives and schedules changed so much that it felt like a waste of money every month. We needed a way to both be able to enjoy some entertainment and also save some money.

I love technology and I love how we can seamlessly watch almost anything we want, anytime we want and without the huge bill to go with it. Although we do still purchase digital downloads of movies and certain tv shows we enjoy, we have been loyal Netflix users more or less since we decided to ditch the cable box. 

We have unlimited downloads/uploads per month with our internet provider so streaming has never been an issue for us. The best part is being able to watch it on multiple devices like on my new iPad or through our Apple TV with the Netflix app. Having multiple access points helps on those nights I find a good show that I just have to binge watch (hello, OITNB!) but the kids want to watch new episodes of their own favourite shows while hubby is in the mood for a movie. 

Who doesn't have a binge watching addiction to at least one or two shows on Netflix these days. Everybody who's anybody is talking about the most popular shows and movies available literally at our fingertips. 

I am proud to officially be part of the Netflix #StreamTeam, I'm sure you've seen the hashtag floating around social media. So what's so special about being part of the #StreamTeam? Besides the cool title, I get sneak peeks at stuff you guys won't want to miss out on. For example, there are some great shows #NowOnNetflix this September!

What can you find on Nexflix this month?

Netflix brings new titles for the whole family from Netflix Original Series, award-winning movies and programming for the kids to parent approved and last-chance movies each month. September will not disappoint!

Some titles #NowOnNetflix include:

Netflix Original series Longmire season 4 and Keith Richards Under The Influence. Netflix Original series for kids Puffin Rock streaming now and Veggie Tales in the house. You won't want to miss Netflix exclusive 6 years. Later this month we can enjoy new seasons of some of our favourite shows like Once Upon A Time and The Walking Dead among many others. 

Great movie titles this month include I Am Legend, Shooter and The Gambler. You can also catch award winners like Wild and Selma! There are new episodes and series for you Scooby Doo fanatics (including new Scooby Doo Adventures which my kids loved!) and throwbacks for the kids and kids at heart like the Nightmare Before ChristmasDisney's Fox and the Hound and Homeward bound the incredible journey. Those last three bring back some fond childhood memories I can't wait to share with my own kids. 

My whole family enjoys watching their favourites on Netflix from preschool friendly favourites to my tweenaged daughters choice of movies and teen-type series, there's literally something for everyone! 

I know we are going to enjoy really digging in to what's #NowOnNetflix as part of the Netflix #StreamTeam! 

There are so many more titles available you'll have to check it out for yourself! To learn more and sign up for your *free trial (*new users get a free 30 day trial with the option to continue a monthly subscription starting at $7.99 per month*), visit www.netflix.com for full details! 

Follow @Netflix_CA on Twitter using hashtags #NowOnNetFlix and #StreamTeam to catch up with the latest news and updates! 

Posted in participation with the Netflix #StreamTeam. Opinions and comments are my own. 

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  1. I just finished watching Strange Magic with my girls on Netflix for movie night. Such a great movie for little girls - and I loved all the songs :) As for me, I'm currently addicted to Jericho. - Louise

  2. Just noticed Fox and the Hound and Atlantis on my Netflix yesterday! So glad these are on, they bring me right back to my childhood!


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