Over the course of the summer we have been learning about shopping and eating better with the help of Loblaws PC Guiding Stars program available exclusively to PC Plus members. Not only have we learned a vast amount of information about the foods we buy but we have been able to rack up some PC Plus points along the way!

Guiding Stars is a system that rates food from 0 to 3 stars based on vitamins, minerals, fibre, whole grain, and added sugar. You can find these little stars on shelf labels of some of your favourite foods in participating grocery stores across Canada! 

It's simple to earn points on food your family eats everyday! For example, vegetables like tomatoes and salads punch a good 3 star rating onto your Guiding Stars profile! 

Guiding Stars 3 Star Rated!
You'll want to check out the Guiding Stars program soon because the #EatMoreStars event is happening now until September 17th, 2015! This means you can earn PC points just for following the stars on exclusive offers! 

How do you access these special offers?

Step 1: Visit www.GuidingStars.ca on your computer to check your Guiding Stars profile.

Step 2: Select your banner store. Ours is Loblaws! 

Step 3: Login to your profile and load your Guiding Stars profile.

Step 4: Load your Guiding Stars Offer

We missed out on the first offer which was collect up to 6000 PC Plus points when we purchase $20 of produce by September 3rd! Our second offer is earn 3000 points when I spend 10$ on cereal by September 10th! I can't wait to see what next weeks offer is! 

Extra bonus I can also earn:

10 pts for each 1 star choice
30 pts for each 2 star choice
60 pts for each 3 star choice

Step 5: Load your regular weekly offers! Don't forget, you still get regular offers that'll have you collecting even more points when you shop! 

Loblaws is really encouraging me to #eatmorestars! Have you been following the Guiding Stars? How many are in your shopping basket? Check out your own personal Guiding Star profile on www.guidingstars.ca!

Follow along other bloggers healthy eating journey's on social media using hashtags #GuidingStarsCA and #PCStars! 

Sponsored post on behalf of Loblaws PC Guiding Stars blogger program. Opinions and comments on this blog are those of the author. 

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  1. We love the Guiding Stars and always follow them when we are grocery shopping. the Eat More Stars event is such a great bonus...cereal her I come!

  2. I find that this program really helped us eat better. I love that my kids want to be part of it too! 3 Star cereal here we come!

  3. I really like how easy it is to follow the stars

  4. I love the opportunity to earn extra points, while also enjoying the regular weekly offers too :) Such a great event!

  5. Love that we can gain more points from the #eatmorestars event! Great post!

  6. I just love the Guiding Stars program, and with bonus PC points, there is even more reason to make better and healthier food choices!
    Hooray for bonus PC points!
    Thanks for sharing ;o)

  7. I missed the first offer too but thanks to you I am hitting up some bonus points for the cereal I already need! YAY!


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