Halloween has always been one of my favourite holidays and it is only a few more weeks away! It's such a fun night and not just because - free candy for the kids - but because it gives parents and kids a chance to be creative and be something they've always wanted to be for one night of ghoulish fun! 

As much as I love homemade costumes, sometimes time or materials aren't available so we will go with a costume from a shop like buycostumes.com.

While our kids can be quite creative when it comes to thinking up who or what they want to go out as, our little guy always turns toward a super hero of some kind. He's been Batman a few years in a row, come to think about it. 

This year he is going as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Michelangelo. This costume comes with everything your kid needs to morph into a crime-fighting Ninja Turtle for Halloween!

Inside the bag you'll find a detailed green Ninja Turtle body suit with foot covers and attached belt that ties at the back. The body suit itself closes with Velcro at the back, too. The turtle shell which has a slit in the back you can fill with filler like paper or whatever to give it a more 3D, realistic look, attaches to the body suit also with Velcro. The shell also has a detailed look with "battle scars" like in the show! Also included are arm and knee pads, if you're a TMNT fan you'll know these are an important element! Lastly, to top off the costume is the detailed mask!

This costume comes in sizes 4 to 14 under the boys costume section. They also have the rest of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle gang. Accessories can also be purchased on the site if you want to go all out! I think we are safe without the nun-chucks, this time! ;)  

This costume was a hit with little guy and he's very excited to be Michelangelo this Halloween!  

Check out our video review below and give us a thumbs up or comment if you like! 

Posted on behalf of BuyCostumes.com. Complimentary costume received for review purposes. Opinions and comments are those of the author. Photos and video are copyright AMotherhoodExperience.com. 

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