If you are a child of the 80's like me, you'll remember the Popples! 

For those in the younger generation who happen to be reading this, Popples was a tv show/toy franchise by American Greetings back in the 80's. Popples were fictional, bear-like characters who had pouches on their backs allowing them to either fold up into a colourful ball or they would also carry things in the pouch and go on adventures. 

I had just about every toy from plushies that folded up into a ball to clip on Popples for my school bag, stickers, colouring books and more. I loved the show as a little kid, I remember them being one of my favourites! 

Lately there have been a lot of revamps of our favourite retro cartoons allowing the next generation and beyond to enjoy them. Plus, we get to experience a little nostalgia watching them. 

Netflix brings the Popples back to life in an all-new, revamped cartoon series available as of October 30th! 

These new Popples look a lot different than the ones we grew up with but the show looks as fun and entertaining! Check out the trailer below!

Don't have Netflix? Get a 30 day trial and be hooked on watching what you want, when you want, where you want with Netflix. 

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