We've talked about the importance of taking proper care of your pet and how a happy pet is a happy owner. Just like humans, the health of our furry friends depends on finding balance. 

We need to take care of their minds and their bodies, through diet, exercise, socialization and education. My experience with President's Choice® Nutrition First® has really reinforced this for me.

Taking your pet to a groomer or dog spa is a great way to show you love them and give them some extra TLC, making sure they get the proper care they need. 

Groomers and spas can offer services pet owners are unsure how to do themselves (such as nail clipping or brushing matted fur) or an all-out makeover. Know your pet and find the groomer that suits both your needs. 

We have always bathed our own dogs, they have short hair so there isn't much grooming to be done except a good bath, comb out, teeth brushing and nail clipping. We give them a special "doggie spa day" at home. 

Having short hair dogs we have a comb specific for their hair, flea + tick dog shampoo and of course after bath spray and maybe some treats to reward them afterwards. 

Setting up for bath time is pretty easy, we've had a routine for quite a while. They are small dogs so they can be easily bathed right in a tub with warm water. It's never a good idea to bathe a dog with a cold hose. I know I wouldn't want to wash that way either! 

Towels are essential, as soon as the dogs are washed and rinsed, get them into a towel or they will shake everywhere as dogs are known to do! The smaller dogs can also become cold quicker, they love to be kept warm in a towel after a fresh bath!  

Everyone always comes out fresh smelling and happy! Running everywhere, tails wagging - you know they enjoyed it after all. 

My little guy had a great time being pampered at home, and came out looking better than ever. Combine this with the delicious, nutritious President's Choice® Nutrition First® dog food and treats he's been enjoying, and my Ruffy is definitely one happy, healthy pup!

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