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Thanksgiving has come and gone, what a busy weekend for everyone! How was yours? Did you have a quiet weekend or did the whole family gather round? 

While we had a quiet family time at home, we still cooked, ate and we made messes. Of course cleaning is nobody's favourite job, I'm always happy to have Mr. Clean to help get things back to normal!

We don't have a dishwasher so everything is done by hand. My favourite dish soap Dawn comes in handy to get rid of those greasy dinner dishes in a snap! Even cooked on food is gone with a quick 5 minute soak. 

Hand prints on the appliances, door frames and sometimes walls are unavoidable when you have guests, especially when you have kids and the guests have kids. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser can quickly get rid of any unwanted marks and fingerprints in the kitchen.

So the bathroom doesn't look as shiny as it did before the guests arrived, Mr. Clean Magic Eraser also does bathrooms. Need I say more? 

With fall comes yucky weather and dirt can easily get dragged in across the floor during visits. The ins and outs of people and pets can really give the floor a good go-over. A couple of drops of Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle in some hot water brings the floors back to life. 

No scrubbing required and I'm serious when I say "A couple of drops", it's concentrated and a little goes a long way. A small bottle actually lasts me longer than a big bottle of other liquid floor detergent. Plus, it smells nice! 

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