The topic of ghosts, spirits and so forth has always had my attention. It's as fascinating as it is scary to me. Whether you believe in it or not, you have to admit sometimes things can happen that we just can't explain. Things that make you think. 

We have been living in our house for six and a half years. Throughout the years small but strange things have happened. Not often but enough that we've noticed. Usually I think nothing of it or find a reason (oh it must have been one of the kids or dogs) but the most recent one really freaked me out. It actually happened twice within a couple of weeks. 

The first time was around 10pm, I was up late as I usually am. I forgot to mop the stairs and the kids had spilled something (of course they wouldn't tell me, I have to find it right before bed). I was mopping and went into my sons room. the door was open and the light was off. I thought to myself "I'll do the kids rooms tomorrow" and went to do the stairs. 

Hubby got home late that night so I went outside after to see him. He looks up at the house and asks me why our sons bedroom light was on. I was confused, why was the light on? 

I went inside and up to the room to investigate. His door was closed, light on. I opened the door and say his name, he's snoring. I closed the light and left his door open. I checked on his sisters, also snoring. 

The second time was about the same time of night. I had just checked on all the kids and about half an hour later went upstairs for something else and there it was again. The door was closed and the light was on, all the kids snoring. 

When asked about it the next day on both occasions, my son had no idea about the light or door. He was sleeping.

My son is afraid of the door being closed at any time, especially at night. He wouldn't have gotten up within a few minutes of me being upstairs to shut his own door and turn on the light!  I'm not sure about the history of this house but either someone in my house is playing a joke or... 

Have you ever had something unexplainable happen? 

Story based on actual events. Opinions and comments are those of the author. Image free from MorgueFile.com.

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  1. I lived in a haunted house for one whole month. This particular ghost wanted us out asap. We happily agreed to leave.


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