My children are professional procrastinators when it comes to bedtime. One more snack, one more drink, one more game, one more show etc. The list goes on and the bedtime routine sometimes runs longer than I'd like it to. It's a little bit easier now that the time has changed and it gets dark earlier but we still do get evenings of protest about bedtime! 

According to a recent survey, we are not the only ones. Netflix found that 61% of parents face bedtime stalling tactics from their kids. 79% of parents around the world are willing to make compromises to make bedtime go smoother when reality they are giving themselves 20 minutes extra per night just negotiating bedtime. 

Checking out that infographic above, I can honestly say all three of my kids are a good combination of all forms of bedtime stalling. Every night there is something different but I think that could easily change, at least for my youngest two kids thanks to Netflix! 

Now, with the help of Netflix and DreamWorks Animation, parents can get back on track when it comes to bedtime. Stop the kids shenanigans while making some mischief of your own with new Five Minute Favourites of the hit series Dinotrux! There are three new 5 Minute Favorites that launched on Netflix that showcase favorite scenes following the rapid adventures of Ty-Rux and Revvit as they teach important lessons of teamwork and friendship. The next time they ask for "Just five more minutes" you can give it to them and let them know they can watch a whole entire show before bed! Little do they know, five more minutes really is five more minutes. To watch simply search "Five Minute Favorites" on Netflix! 

No matter what we go through or how long it takes to get there, at the end of the day all of our hard work is worth it. 87% of parents can agree that the last snuggle once the kids are tucked into bed is the best part of their day. Tucking them in is heartwarming, it's just getting there that's the hard part!

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