I'm a summer baby. Growing up, unless I hung out with friends etc - birthday parties consisted of my immediate family (mom, dad, brother, aunt, uncle, cousins and grandparents) otherwise it was a hard-sell trying to organize a party in the middle of the summer when everyone is off at cottages and summer vacation destinations. 

The same thing goes for December babies, more or less mid-to-end of December babies. Our youngest was born three years ago today, 2012. Being born a couple of days before Christmas means everyone is busy preparing for Christmas time or the weather is too horrible to travel in (this year has been strangely warm for December), they usually can't come celebrate her birthday with us.

I am not one to mix her birthday in with Christmas. That's a big no-no, it would be like mixing someone's birthday in February with Valentine's Day or April Easter. They are two separate occasions and should be celebrated so, right? I could see it being more of a challenge if she was born on Christmas day, we were close! :) 

It's usually a quiet birthday but a birthday nonetheless. Today she wore a special birthday dress almost all day. She went for a special truck ride to Tim Hortons with her Daddy for a donut (her grandparents happened to be there too!) and when she got back she opened her presents. She was thrilled with her new Baby Alive doll. Bonus - her other Grandpa even managed to make time to come over which was extra special for her. 

We ended her birthday with her requested dinner (pizza!), chocolate cake for dessert and a bubble bath because she was covered in the cake! Oh what fun it is to be three! :) 

Time flies too fast, I still can't believe how big my kids are getting. Happy Birthday little angel, Miss M. We love you more than you'll ever know. :) 

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