Mid-winter, most of us don't even want to think about shaving our legs. It's time consuming and honestly only useful if we are wearing pretty spring or summer dresses, capris pants or shorts. Valentine's Day is just around the corner and maybe a date night with your special someone is reason enough to want to pamper yourself just a little, even if you are going to have a date night at home.

Now, don't let winter skin ruin your look (or your fun)! Get ready to show off with these great tips from P&G!

- Prep skin properly and banish goosebumps before shaving: When it comes to shaving, ensuring hair is hydrated properly before is key because it will make it easier to cut. Goosebumps also create an uneven surface, which makes it more difficult to get a smooth shave. The ideal amount of time to let hair soak up water and let your skin warm up before shaving is 5 minutes. You can get away with 1 or two minutes if you're in a hurry like I am half the time because I share one bathroom with four other people!

- Help your skin stay smooth: When every minute counts, multitasking products can make all the difference - especially once that can help skin stay soft through the harsh winter elements. Reach for a razor that gives you a close shave. If you're looking for some smooth skin and sleek legs, use the Venus Swirl Razor.

- Score a healthy glow: A spray tan or self-tanning lotion is a quick and easy way to get glowing when the sun is nowhere in sight! Shaving with a razor like Venus Swirl right before you apply self-tanner can help because it gently exfoliates the skin and you want the surface to be as even as possible to avoid streaks or dark patches. 

Add these simple tips to your Valentine's Day beauty routine and you will be ready for a well-deserved date! 

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