We love eating potato chips, cheesies, and other bagged goodies in our house from time to time but what I don't love is when someone doesn't close the chip bag properly and they go stale quickly. What a waste.

I usually buy chip clips at the dollar store but my last one broke on me and hubby kept forgetting to go get more.

Make your own chip clips! Hubby came up with this when he bought a bunch of chips and once again forgot the clips, why didn't I think of this??

When you buy kids clothes sometimes they come on hangers with clips at the end. Not every store removes hangers so the ones we have we use to hang the kids clothes here at home. We always end up with a collection. 

Take a good pair of clippers (ones that can cut through thick plastic) and cut the clips off the hangers. 

Voila! DIY Chip Clips! I'm sure you could find other various uses for these too like paper clips, wire clips to keep things organized etc. The list goes on. They don't cost anything to make and if they break it's not that big a deal! :) 

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