It’s January, which means people are making New Year’s resolutions! Good for you, it’s great to have goals to look forward to!

There are smaller goals I'd like to achieve this year such as going to bed earlier/getting up before the kids, eating at normal hours, focus on my blog and things like that. I have a bad habit of not keeping most of my resolutions though. I am a creature of habit it seems. Maybe I should make a resolution to keep resolutions!

With Netflix Canada we can make simple resolutions and actually keep them. The best part is, there isn't much work involved. There are so many great shows and movies streaming this January, it’ll make you want to put your “to watch” list on a diet and make room for weeks of binge watching! 

I have watched (and completed) a few series on Netflix, I'm also between shows waiting for new seasons of Orange Is The New Black and Wentworth to stream (I may re-watch these before this happens though). I also have so many more in my "to watch" list! 

As bad as I am at keeping resolutions, I'm making a #NetflixResolution to watch shows on my "to watch list" like "How I Met Your Mother" and "Gilmore Girls" which are highly raved about by my mom and several of my followers across the web! Thanks everyone for your input! 
So, tonight after the kids are in bed I will grab some snacks, put my feet up and start on my new resolution! :)  

What do you want to watch this year? Share your #NetflixResolution with us on Facebook and Twitter!

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