Ever since I can remember, I've been taught to get my things ready for the next day, the night before. That way it's less hassle and stress for everyone first thing in the morning trying to get ready to go to school and work. 

I've always been somewhat organized when it comes to that. It's rare I'm not ready to go, unless we spontaneously decide to go somewhere but I'm talking about everyday routine. When you know what needs to be done. 

I've tried to teach my kids the same methods, we've been practicing since before they started elementary school. Get your clothes, school bag (and anything you need to bring in it), lunches, outdoor clothes etc ready the night before so that we aren't running around like cranky clowns the next morning. 

My youngest doesn't count yet, she's not in school for another two years so I help her get ready but my older two are expected to be organized and ready to go in the mornings. They are almost 8 and 11 now. 

Most mornings they're semi-organized, I'm proud of them. There are times someone forgets to do something or whatever and that's OK we are only human after all. 

My boy is pretty good, he needs reminders after his shower in the evenings to get things ready but he does it. Most mornings he has his lunch in his bag and snow pants on even before he eats his breakfast. My oldest however is another story. I love her, she's smart and funny and an overall good kid but she can be so disorganized.

She will do everything else but get her things ready. I call her the procrastinator. The next morning guess what happens? She goes into a big panic trying to find pants, socks, her lunch bag or whatever else she didn't do the night before. 

Part of me wants to be mean mom and say "oh well!" But then there's the soft mom in me that sees my little girl struggling so I tend to swoop in and help her get her stuff together as quickly as possible. I am just trying to teach them responsibility, with a little help. I know one day (soon) I won't be able to swoop in and save them.  

Sometimes there are tears (mine) and pouting (hers). Sometimes we are even late getting out the door. All of this ends up happening before I even get to have my first cup of much needed coffee. 

I think I've given her so many lectures I probably sound like Charlie Browns teacher to her (wah wah wah!) but they need to learn, right? She goes to Highschool next year which is why I think it bothers me so much when she's in a panic.

Even though we have our hard mornings, I will continue reminding them to get their stuff together in the evening. I'm hoping that eventually it becomes something of a habit for them. They'll thank me one day! :)  

How do you keep your school aged kids organized without doing it all for them? Leave a comment below, let's chat! 

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