I am a child of the 80's and early 90's. One of our main sources of entertainment in that time was after school and evening TV. Our shows only played at a certain time on a certain day (until reruns began) and we enjoyed them each and every time. We got to know the characters and almost felt like we could be part of their picture perfect families in the sitcoms we watched. 

Do you remember watching Full House? That was one of my favourite shows in my pre-teen years. I don't know if it was Uncle Jesse's hair or maybe because I secretly dreamed of having sisters like DJ and Stephanie but, I loved that show. 

Netflix actually has Full House so you can relive your favourite Tanner family moments. My older daughter has even binge watched her fair share of old episodes. 

I am happy to see Fuller House, a new reboot of our old favourite, coming to Netflix! 

Fuller House follows a widowed DJ Tanner-Fuller moving back to her old childhood home to raise her sons with the help of her sister Stephanie Tanner and her childhood best friend, Kimmy Gibbler. Appearances by other beloved characters like Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky, Uncle Joey and of course Danny "Dad" Tanner will also happen.

Fuller House is about to spread nostalgia across the interwebs of Netflix addicts like myself! 

As part of the Netflix #StreamTeam we sometimes get special sneak peeks at upcoming shows! After watching some *really awesome* screeners, I can honestly tell you that if you're as excited about Fuller House as I am, you will not be disappointed! It's the fun-loving, family show we all grew to love - with bit of an updated twist. I can't say anymore, you'll have to tune in and watch for yourself on February 26th

Find out how DJ, Stephanie and Kimmy are adjusting into their new roles as adults, plus hear more about their perfect Netflix night in with this exclusive #StreamTeam video! Fuller House has a special message for us:

Check out these Netflix "collections" to celebrate the show launch! You will find some great Fuller House inspired titles for your next family Netflix night, something everyone can agree on!

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Will you be tuning in to Fuller House? 

Brought to you in participation with the Netflix Canada #StreamTeam. Opinions and comments are those of the author.

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