Being a family on the go, we often find ourselves running out the door without checking the battery life on our phones or worse, kids’ devices. Trust me, when you are out with kids or have kids at home with one parent while the other is out, a phone can be your lifeline. Plus, as the kids get older they have their own devices whose battery  life doesn’t last with all the app switching between games they do and videos they watch on trips to grandma’s house.

Getting to the point, there are many different charging devices you can get that will do the job but have you seen ZUS by nonda? It is THE smart car charger for your mobile devices.

Designed in Germany, ZUS is the first smart car charger/vehicle finder and a very useful accessory you should have. What’s so special about this charger? Well, not only can you charge TWO devices at the same time with almost triple the charging speed of your average charger but ZUS also doubles up as a car locator.

It’s made with military grade materials allowing it to withstand high temperatures (hello summer days!) and even has ElegantShine lighting technology to allow you to use it in the dark. It is compatible with iOS or android and auto detects your device type and adjusts for full speed charging.

With ZUS plugged into your car lighter, finding your car is as simple as opening the ZUS app and turning on the location settings on your phone. The app will tell you the location of your vehicle within a certain distance to you. It’s nice to have someone else remember where our car is! You can also send your location info via text which to me is a great feature if ever there happens to be a roadside emergency and set a parking timer, so you won't accidentally forget about that parking meter anymore.

Being the primary driver in our family, hubby tested out ZUS and immediately called it “Very impressive”. He said having a double charger will definitely come in handy. He also liked how easily it connected and how accurate it was for locating his truck. Another point he mentioned is that ZUS is not expensive. You don’t have to have it professionally installed or sign up for anything.  

Anyone with a vehicle and a smart phone can use ZUS.

You can find ZUS directly on the nonda website or on Amazon for under $50. 

Use special code SMM-AKZUSSUMMER16 to get 10% off  when you buy a ZUS from nonda.co

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*Posted on behalf of nonda inc. We received product sample for review. Opinions and comments on this blog are those of the author* 

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  1. VERY cool! The ability to locate your car would be a saving grace to those of us who routinely forget where we park lol


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