Learning about taking care of our environment is an important part of life. As parents, we try to teach our kids the importance of reduce, reuse, recycle in helping save our planet. We recycle things like cardboard, plastics and other recyclable materials weekly as our city has designated days for pick ups. When the kids were younger they used to love standing at the window and watching the city worker trucks do their jobs from garbage men to the street sweepers. It may not seem like much now, but they are constantly learning about doing their part now and for their future. 

The Playmobil City Cleaning Theme aims to help kids get excited about all of the important jobs we need to do to keep our world clean.

City Action Recycling Truck
Today is recycling collection day! Reduce, reuse and recycle with the ultimate Playmobil recycling truck. Take a seat in the driver's cab and prepare to make your rounds. Attach the recycling bins to the back of the truck, and use the back-side lever to tilt the door of the back container and empty the bins into the container. When it's time to empty the truck's contents, tilt the back container. The set comes with 2 figures, truck, large and small recycling bins, fire extinguisher and walkie-talkie. 

City Action Landscaper with Lawn Mower
Whether it's pruning the hedges or cutting the grass, the Playmobil Landscaper with Lawn Mower can get the job done! His car with trailer hitch connects to the trailer, which he uses to transport his equipment. The set includes one figure, car with trailer, lawn mower, rake, shovel, broom and other accessories. 

City Action Street Cleaner
Keep the city streets in tip-top shape with the Playmobil Street Cleaner. The vehicle's rotating brushes scrub down the pavements and ensure the city stays clean. The cab can seat one figure while the tilting rear container can be emptied through the back door. Set includes one figure and street cleaner. 

City Action Sanitation Team
When it comes to attention to detail, the Playmobil Sanitation Team is on the scene. With their garbage container, leaf blower, brooms and other cleaning equipment, they gather waste and clean the streets where the Street Cleaner machine cannot! Set comes with 2 figures, garbage container, leaf blower, brooms and other accessories. 

For more information about these and other great Playmobil toys visit www.playmobil.ca

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