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We have a big household, so cleaning daily is something I cannot avoid. Most of the time it's light maintenance like sweeping or mopping up a mess. We have to keep up with things or it can easily get out of hand with everyone's hustle and bustle through the house. It can go from picture perfect to tornado wreckage in a matter of minutes if nobody does anything about it. 

I don't particularly like cleaning, who does? But it has to be done and for me the easier, the better. I usually turn to my favourite P&G products to help me get the important jobs done. The best part, they are easy and safe enough to use that the kids can help too!

Dust here, there and everywhere with Swiffer 360 Duster. Make your floors shine with Swiffer Sweeper! The extending arm on the Swiffer 360 Duster makes reaching for tough places like up light or down low, less of a job. 

The Swiffer Sweeper with wet/dry replacement pads has always been one of my favourites for a quick floor clean up between my weekly deep cleanings. Dog hair, outside dirt and even whatever the kids drop on the kitchen floor can easily be cleaned up with a simple swipe of the Swiffer.

There's nothing like having crisp, clean and fresh linens in the house. Whether it be bedsheets, towels or curtains, Downy Unstopables Fresh in-wash scent and Bounce Free & Gentle Dryer sheets are sure to freshen things up. 

Out of these two, which are both good, my favourite is Shimmer.

Not only do Bounce Free & Gentle Dryer sheets give your linens a fresh scent that lasts but they are also clean and gentle on you, too. 

The final touch when cleaning around here is creating an atmosphere of clean, fresh scents. I like using Febreze Air Fresheners and Febreze Unstopables Candles in common areas like the living and dining rooms. Candles are always great in the evening. They change the smell and they are also relaxing.

Of course, I have more favourite P&G products that help me and my family get our home clean. These are just a simple few. To learn more about P&G products and how to get coupons and savings, sign up at PGEveryday.ca

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  1. yeah I like the unstoppables as well, esp when you are doing up blankets to pack away for the season ..mmmmm


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