The time has come - my eldest child is officially preparing to head off to high school next year. Come September we'll be seeing earlier mornings and more homework. Hot lunches and lockers. No more "recess" with playing on swings. No more excuses for missing homework or lost lunch bags. No more "wear whatever you pull out of your closet" to school every day.  

She has been attending Catholic school since her preschool years so naturally she will be going to the sister High School. This high school requires students to wear uniforms, school crest and all. 

I went to public high school and we wore whatever we wanted as long as it suited the dress code, like K does now. This is a whole new world to us. We just got our order forms for the school uniforms, everything she will be needing to start her off. We went through the list and wrote down what she would need, working this on a budget. I'm happy with the results. The uniforms aren't cheap but they aren't as expensive as we had imagined. 

Being it our first time doing this, we scheduled a fitting and info session next week at the school. Early, yes but I can imagine the store that the uniforms come from have many schools to deal with from now until September. 

I'm nervous but at the same time I'm excited for her, can you tell? She is heading off to a new chapter in her life and she is *sob* growing up. She's only going into grade seven. Once being the eldest grade in her school down to being the youngest again. 

The main thing is that she is looking forward to it even though she knows it's going to be tougher than grade school. She hasn't always liked school and I am hoping a change in environment will do her good both on a personal level and on an academic level. 

For now we will take it one step at a time, they grow up too fast! :)

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