It's May which means we are getting ready to heat up the BBQ and slap some steaks on for some sizzling goodness! 

It's time to chat #SteakEveryday with Montana's BBQ & Bar and Canadian Beef! 

Join the #SteakEveryday Twitter Party! Check out the details below

WHEN: WEDNESDAY, May 11th 2016

TIME: 8:00PM ET - 9:00PM ET

HASHTAG: #SteakEveryDay

HOST: @lovecdnbeef

GUEST: @MontanasBBQ

NO RSVP and $500 in gift cards to be won! 

Join the #SteakEveryDay Twubs, follow the hosts and have fun! 

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  1. This is the type of event that might make my husband log on to his twitter account :) - Louise

  2. I'd love to join, I would be at work at the time though , HAVE fun everyone


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